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Dad had a Heathkit mono sound system he built when I was still wearing diapers I reckon, and every Sunday he would spin LPs all day long. Burl Ives, Chet Adkins (very young at the time), Broadway soundtracks, Jimmie Driftwood and the like. One he had was called Songs of the Sea by the Norman Luboff Choir, an all male ensemble. I remember lying on the floor in front of the one speaker, listening to the amazing harmonies these guys sang, not really knowing what I was listening to at the time........I just really liked it. This is one of the tunes from that album...................




(wtf am I doing wrong! can't do an embed to save my sorry life!)

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Buc, that was really sweet. You've got a whole mess of sweet tunes on YouTube. If folks want some easy-to-listen-to and very enjoyable tunes, they should take a listen. Real, real nice, my friend.........BTW, when I first saw "Sea Shanty" I kind of grinned and thought of The Kingsmen and "Louie Louie"...lol...Good job, Buc, as always. [thumbup]

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Thanks Buc, as always - you're singing, playing and song choice are excellent. Songs of the Sea - the most under-rated genre out there. Blow Ye Winds in the Morning (Kingston Trio) awoke me to them. I guess they're a subset of Folk Music that is easily overlooked, because there aren't a lot of them. Always raising the bar for us here! Jim

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