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N225 Hollow Body Marketing Failure


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I cant find this on Gibson's site so it must have been a failure after being introduced on 2013 but this looks like a really interesting design. It has a P90 and a humbucker. it is both a hard and hollow body. It looks like it could do anything you ever want a guitar to do. It's even a very nice looking guitar.

The hollow body is not like a 335 hollow body. This body is carved out. I think the reason it didn't sell was it didn't have F holes.


Anybody like this model? I cant see why it didn't sell.

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A great guitar...was very tempted at the time... [thumbup]


IMO the buying public can often be very conservative


Hence the obsession with Les Pauls, Strats etc...nothing wrong with that...


The cognoscenti can and will 'do their own thing' with the parts bin.... :blink:


So apart from any special wood or chambering, a guitar like this can be created easily


UK luthier Gordon Smith is very adept at this kind of thing.... [thumbup]





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The link has a blemished one offer for $804...............[scared]

That's an absolute steal!


I remember these coming out and having a generally favourable response here (the Black-finished one especially) which was pretty unusual because it was 'different' and, as Versatile mentioned, guitarists tend to be a conservative bunch and none more so than Gibson players...


Nice looking guitars and very interesting spec but I never saw any in the London dealerships.



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