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I like it




Top Wood: Plain Maple

•Back Wood: Mahogany

•Strap Pins: Butt/Rim

•Nut Type: Graphtech

•Fingerboard: Rosewood

•Inlays: Dot

•Nut Width: 1.695"

•Finish: Satin Ebony

•Silkscreen: Gold "Gibson" and "Les Paul Model"

•Tuners: G-Force Nickel with Green Keys

•Knobs: Black Top Hat

•Tailpiece: Satin Nickel Lightning Bar

•Truss Rod Cover: Solid Black Satin

•Controls: One Volume, One Tone

•Trim Rings: Black

•Gig Bag: Included




Also out of interest...


Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite (and theres a wine red version)



Gibson Les Paul Custom Lited Specifications

•Body: Slim line Mahogany

•Top: Maple

•Neck: Mahogany

•Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood with block inlays

•Electronics: 490R and 498T with coil taps

•Hardware: Gold Locking Grover Tuners with Tune-O-Matic Bridge

•Finish: Classic White



And ive seen these before... but I like these too :)

Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Reissue


Finish: Goldtop

•Body: Mahogany

•Top: Carved Maple

•Binding: Single-Ply Body

•Neck: One Piece Solid Mahogany

•Scale Length: 24 ¾ inches

•Fingerboard: Rosewood

•Frets: 22

•Inlays: Trapezoid

•Pickup: Single Burstbucker

•Tailpiece: Wraparound

•Tuners: Vintage-Style Tulip

•Potentiometers: CTS

•Capacitors: Bumble Bee


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The 1st and 3rd ones are yucky. The middle one is nothing special.

I like the basicness of the first one.. But then I really liked the BFGs, and not so many people did..


Just something a bit different... I think better than another 500 tasteful bursts.... (though obviously wont be for everyone).

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The first one doesn't appeal to me personally - but there's some potential there. Its a cheap way to get something made by Gibson with a G-Force for those thinking they'd like to at least have a G-Force equipped guitar to play around with for various tunings etc but not to pay big bucks for a classy LP with a plastic box stuck on the back of the headstock... so it could be a goer,




Why oh why does it have to be a Les Paul model. I mean it just looks wrong for an LP and people who want an LP specifically aren't going to want a guitar that looks like that, they are going to want one that looks like a proper LP (FFS).


It could have been a LP double-cut shape with a different name (something appealing to metal? - i.e. not remotely like "the LE Les Paul CM") or, since there seems to be no V's this year, it could have been a V released as a one off special run with an appropriate name like, say, the "V-Shadow" (you can have that suggestion for free Gibson) - and not only would it then maybe hit the metal market, the regular guys who want to try a cheap G-Force Gibson made guitar might even say, "well I don't own a V, always thought about it, dammit I'll grab one!"


I suspect it might be another dud, but it's half a chance at least..

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Guest Farnsbarns

The 1st and 3rd ones are yucky. The middle one is nothing special.


Get it right. The middle one is horrid, the last one is gorgeous. The 1st one is meh.

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Get it right. The middle one is horrid, the last one is gorgeous. The 1st one is meh.

Get it right..................lol!


The middle one needs a Donny-ised Rosewood/Baked Maple 'board - or, failing that, Richlite (which, having tried on many occasions, I like...[tongue]); Nibs; revised wiring incorporating the addition of a second tone knob and it needs to come off it's 'celery-and-low-fat-water-only' diet.

The last one needs a neck p'up; an extra pair of Vol / Tone knobs; '50s wiring; a scratchplate and a selector switch.

The first one just needs to be offered with the G-Force as an option which would lower the street-price by a significant amount.



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The first one I would use for firewood. The second one is ok but I wouldn't even look at it hanging on the wall in a store. If the gold top had a stop tailpiece I would consider it in the $1000 price range.


To sum it up, I'll keep buying used pre-2014 Gibsons with the finishes and features I prefer for 1/2 to 3/4 the cost of what they were new.

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Full details up on Gibsons site now








61 Zebra humbucker: Classic black-and-white look with strategically mismatched coils for PAF tone

Standard-width neck, with sanded, buffed and oiled fingerboard: Unparalleled playability and feel (is this 2015 standard? or standard standard???)

Gibson G FORCE™ Tuning System: Fast, accurate, and stores up to 36 custom tunings

TekToid™ graphite nut: Precise intonation with less friction (Have they dumped the brass nut idea?)

Satin nickel "Lightning Bar" wrapover bridge: The sustain of a wraptail, but with compensated intonation bar

Extra-thick rosewood fingerboard: Extra mass means extra sustain [rolleyes]

Dot Inlays: Simple elegance

Next-generation Plek setup: Silky-smooth action and bending with lower frets, improved intonation :-k

Double-contact output jack: Holds cords more securely for the stage

Robust wiring: Provides long-term reliability and improved connector contact

Ribcage contour: Enhances playing comfort

Gibson gigbag: Easy load in, easy load out

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