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what is the collectibility of this 40's gibson

Dirty Perv

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Can anyone tell me the model/year/value of this guitar?


Its jack works and tone sounds killer.


It appears to be all original

(Except for a fret job done in the 60's)

Pots are scratchy

Pickguard came off...can be fixed.

No dings or knicks

No serial number

Double parallelogram fret inlays

Bound fretboard

Killer looking tail piece.

I may have an opportunity to get this at a good price if the value is there.




How do i attach pics on my cell phone?

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The guitar is an ES-300. From the peghead logo it looks to be from '47/48 era. These guitars are not particularly valuable, collectible, or desirable (from a "vintage" guitar standpoint). They were basically an electrified L-7 with a National tailpiece. The model was discontinued around '53 after the introduction in 1949 of the cutaway ES-175, which became the popular mid-level electric archtop of the following years, and probably to this day.


As for more details on this specific guitar, there should be an oval tan label under the bass side f-hole. This label, if still in tact, will state the model and serial number.


Recent "sold" listings on e-bay show one slightly younger (block logo) selling for $1875.

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Can you tell me if you believe $500-$750 would be a fair offer to offer? Max $1000?


I'd say so (maybe not that fair to the seller), considering there are 5 on ebay at the moment, and the least expensive is around $2,500. Of course, those haven't sold yet, and as L5Larry says, one in "very nice" condition did sell for about $1,900 with shipping.

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