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"Come Together" Acoustic


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A few current topics collide!


I took my Martin CEO7 (many threads) off the ToneRite ( see thread) to check how it is going, played the usual blues in E, A, D etc. Sounded great.


People talking about John Lennon in a thread, so I had a go at The Beatles' "Come Together".


So here is a solo acoustic/vocal version of the tune played on my Martin CEO7:










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The things you come up with never cease to amaze me.





I was still loading the thing!



I had to funk it up a bit as it sounded fairly dreary normal feel all on my ownsome.



I assume John wrote it and I assume the title means: everyone JOIN Together for fun and laughter Ha Ha Ha....not the modern meaning...... [mellow] :mellow: How did it get on the radio?




PS CEO7 back on the Tonerite for its last day.....




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Did you pay royalties to Chuck Berry for your recording?







Chuck has his hand out too?


He is more than welcome to a percentage of everything I have made from the tune so far......zip.....future revenue....zip....minus lawyer fee......zipplus we'll call that. I have a large triangle pick somewhere that Chuck dropped when I saw him in about......hmmm...1972? Does he want it back? I thought it was a sign from the Guitar Gods.......



Thanks for the other replies too!


It is a way easy song..remembering JL's wacky lyrics would be the hardest part. Just a shame I didnt learn it when I was in a band - could have been a killer encore/closer type number - I didnt because for some reason I assumed it was hard to do, maybe Mr Mac's bass, but really the rest is peachy!



(The CEO7 makes it nice to play around the 10th fret.....some other guitars - maybr not!) :unsure:





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