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String buzz.


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Sorry for the Steely Dan reference.

My new D35 has a buzzing that I can't isolate. It shipped to me with low action and lights strings. I am pretty sure it did not have the buzz when I received it, and that it may... may... have started after I installed my K&K. I am not certain though. I think it is the D string, although at this point my mind is playing tricks on me and I feel like I am starting to hear it in other strings.

I did the install of the K&K, so I have myself to blame. Here is a picture of the install... Notice how the middle disk is close... Perhaps too close ... To the D and G strings. Could it be that the ball end of the string is seated and touching the disk, and making the buzzing? Or could it be that the guitar just needs a truss rod tweak, or the nut is cut low, and that the buzzing is on early frets? I'm thinking of taking it to Russo's later today to ask them what they think it is.

By the way...It has Medium EJ17s on it now. I was wondering if a heavier string might lift the action a tad. It seems to have helped. If I play softly, no buzz. If I strum harder, buzz visits. Also, if I capo on three, buzz kind of leaves. I think. Like I said my mind is playing tricks on me at this point.


What do you guys think I should look for? 1) K&K related 2) nut cut low 3) relief needs adjusting 4) anything else?

If it is K&K related, how would I get the disk off cleanly so I can re-use ? What tool would I use?






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I Just came back from Russo's. The end pin is solid. The K&K disc, while close, posed no issue. They set it up fresh. The nut slots are good, the saddle is perfect. It just needed a relief adjustment. The guitar plays perfectly now. I definitely could have waited till Sunday, where at my home I could have used my wrench to fix the relief, but I really am happy I got them to double check my install. I was afraid I made a big booboo.

Anyways... After the setup:


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By the way...It has Medium EJ17s on it now.


I was wondering if a heavier string might lift the action a tad.



Correct if wrong, but wouldn't heavier gauge mean lower action.


Nice sounding 35 for sure, Sal - still EJ-17's in the second cured clip ?




Btw. you need to get it down in the herd-line along the others

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I know this is a Gibson forum but you have a d35 also em7. Yours is a little older an I right?

What's your thoughts on it?


Well, it's not old, neither new - it's from 1984 and I had it since January 1991. Have mentioned it now and again on these pages, but typically in short terms.

Often called it my loyal squire and things like that.


Really like and respect the guitar and it has aged beautifully into a matt blend of 5 or 6 yellow-light-brown hues now.

That said, it was hung on the wall when the Gibson-craze started, (which made the brave dread sad). Still use it though, , , with pleasure - yet always tuned down.


When it comes to rose-Marts, I much prefer the HD-28V simply because of the lighter bracing. Just carved it a new bone nut and enjoyed/picked that one a lot this past week.


Have to say I almost can't play non-scalloped in std. tuning nowadays. Still I'd choose a 35 over a 28 any time.

Tried a well-kept 1971 D-28 in a shop 3 months ago. Didn't do much my 35 couldn't match. 'My' keyboard-player and engineer loves it, but it isn't for sale, nono. . . ;-)

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