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Read a great ironic article re: vintage guitars.


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This months Guitarist magazine, there is an interview with muscian Chris Spedding, I read it this am..


Valuable Guitars can be unplayable-


In the article he describes a vintage J 200 from the 50's he used on his album and was inspired by watching Elvis to buy, . He said it is the only vintage guitar he has


He states-


" I had work done on it because the bridge was in the wrong place and needed moving but whenever someone looks at it , and values it, they always say ' Well if you hadnt had that work done, this guitar would be worth about 20 grand, but it is only worth about 3 grand now!' He goes on and says, "that is the silly thing about collectors, and the value of guitars, If I hadnt has the work done, it would be unplayable because it wouldnt of played in tune"


Now it is worth 17 grand less than it would of been in an uplayable condition? Are guitars meant to be played or hung on a wall?


I know many here and myself were just talking about issues such as this and collectors on an older thread. Crazy as it is,,,, it is what it is.

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yep, 2 different markets and 2 different mindsets. Neither right or wrong just subjective based on the buying motive.


My 2 vintage guitars are quite simply high among the most 'right' feeling and playing guitars I have ever picked up, strapped on and played - one just as I bought it and the other as of yesterday when my tech/luthier finished improving it (including changes). Neither is original and neither would likely fetch more than the price a new LP Studio now or anytime soon, but they were bought to play and suit me perfectly and improve my playing as a result.


Whilst these will at least hold value vs inflation, that was a minor consideration - if I'd wanted a 'collecter' guitar the rationale would have been very different (mind you even a collector guitar should at least have straight neck and be in decent playing condition to be a good investment i'd reckon) - the real collector guitars do not appear to be played much - I guess you wouldn't want to lose/damage one - even on those rig rundown video's the pro's regularly say "I've got vintage versions at home but they don't come on the road". in a way its nice that some are maintained as original even if just as historical reference pieces.

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