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'70-'72 Es-345td

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Howdy y'all, I was taking some photo's of my ES before I threw it up for sale and was so impressed with how they turned out, I specifically created this account just to show it off. I bought this from my local music store. The story is the original owner had just passed away and the store was selling on commission for them and that's when I scooped her up. When I got it, the Grover tuning keys were shot so I threw on the locking Kluson's because I'm more of a Kluson man, than a Grover man. Otherwise, this baby is completely all original. For our photography member's, these photos were shot with a Canon A-1 with Fuji 400 speed film, through a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 lens. Enough words, I'll start posting what we're all here for. :D

post-72862-096154900 1435981483_thumb.jpg

post-72862-065904600 1435981499_thumb.jpg

post-72862-087692000 1435981515_thumb.jpg

post-72862-076288300 1435981571_thumb.jpg

post-72862-089367800 1435981619_thumb.jpg

post-72862-071231300 1435981641_thumb.jpg

post-72862-089278100 1435981659_thumb.jpg

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