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I've been meaning to contribute to this thread for a long time now, but keep putting it off for one reason or another—mainly because they were always in different places. Well, now that all three of my SGs are in one place, the photo op finally became possible!


From L-R:


1991 Standard; 2013 '50s Tribute; 2018 Special


My '91 has a custom-made pearly-white pick guard, as I lost the original black one. I also had to replace the tuning machines recently.


My '50s Tribute has a custom-made pick guard, as they did not come with one... and I replaced the neck P-90 with a Seymour Duncan mini HB—but I'm soon to re-replace it, and bring it back to its all-P-90 state.


My brand-new Special will remain stock!






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I love gold too    

SG Standard Limited Edition Ebony Fretboard \m/    

That is a beautiful Pelham Blue SG! That's class!

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This SG Special with mini-HBs is very cool.


"Tis, indeed!


But I'm a little irked at Gibson. This '18 Special's intonation is all wacky. I tried to fix it myself, but I can't seem to get it right. Will need to take it to GC and have their guy look at it.


Other than that, it's a sweet guitar. [rolleyes]

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Rev Six, swap the gold for nickle hardware and I'm in as well!


I agree. I've never been a big fan of gold hardware. My 2004 SG Supreme has no pickguard and my '67 SG Special Reissue w/P-90s has the small pickguard. This would make a nice addition to my collection.

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This is my new old Gibson SG I believe it's a 1994, waiting on information from Gibson, I was using an Epiphone Sg (G-310). What a difference, little to no fret buzz on the Gibson Vs. the Epiphone. The Gibson is just a Rock "N" Roll Machine!!! One question I have is the 3-way switch is a little loss, does anyone know how to tighten this? Thanks.


ALCO Flower

post-88597-005061900 1513134511_thumb.jpg

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