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Mahogany Wood Plank


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What wood is this?


Anybody like the grain of this Mahogany plank? It is a China Berry Tree plank and it is in the Mahogany species.

I did some research. Wikipedia says China Berry's commercial use is as of yet unexplored but that is wrong. It is presently being cultivated in many countries.

In the Southern US it is seen as a shade tree and an invasive. Some people call China Berry a trash tree because everyone hates walking on the squshy, smelly berrys it produces. It is a very common tree 1st brought to the US as a fast growingshade tree in 1830. Remember we didn't have air conditioning back then and shade was a big deal. Today it is common to see yards in the South with no trees at all.


It has many fancy names such as Ceylon Cedar and White Cedar. It goes by more than a dozen names. You have probably seen this wood in commercial use and not realized it. Maybe you even have a cheap guitar that uses China Berry wood? Does that sound crazy?

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