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Never knew this until today.. I was just watching an interview on Youtube where he mentions it...



Soooo.. Without looking it up first (cos that's just boring :)) Whos playing the solo at the end of this tune (about 3:35)

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Even if you didn't know, you can tell from the get go. Rather recognizable.

Yes indeed.. now I know it seems obvious...


I just never really thought about it before

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The "Let's Dance" album was recorded around the same time as SRV's 1st LP (which was executive-produced by the late John Hammond) and his guitar playing is bloody brilliant throughout, with a truly amazing band including Nile Rodgers on rhythm guitars, Carmine Rojas on bass and Tony Thompson and Omar Hakim on drums. Half of Chic and one of Weather Report's hottest drummers.

My favourites are "Criminal World", "Cat People" and the title track but it's all good and is the only DB album I own!


And so - who plays the crazy sax solo immediately before SRV cuts loose on the title track then, eh?

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Really? No The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars? Hmmmm. Something is rotten in Denmark.

No - I was completely immune to him!!!! [biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin]


A friend of mine reminded me recently that we actually saw Bowie on his "Aladdin Sane" tour when he played Guildford.

Apparently we were B)so coolB) we walked out just before the end of Bowie's 50-minute 1st house set....

The only thing I remember (come to think of it) is someone coming out at the end and saying "best on-stage bass player!" which I thought was a good category....


I will admit to also having a 12" single of "Loving The Alien". Great track with deep and meaningless lyrics.


Enough with the reminiscing anyway! Who played the sax?


(EDIT) - I thought I'd better check and it wasn't who I thought....oops! [blush] [blush] ](*,)

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