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We don't have Guitar Center in UK

Wee Davy

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Someone's off their meds. He needs to sign up for some free, nationalized healthcare.



While health care is "free" at the point of service in the UK, it is paid for by all UK residents through their general taxes. Ain't no "free" anywhere in this world, as far as I can tell.


Most of us past the age of 65 in the US also have "nationalized", low-cost healthcare and health insurance. We call it medicare, and I don't recommend you try to take it away from any of us that depend on it.

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Hissy Fit in a guitar shop - unheard of around these parts [mellow]



Most common when the ordered guitar hasn't shown up - a friend played my J45 and wanted the same one EXACTLY, but he got the order and wait ordeal from this horrid shop last year. He went to pick it up to be told they just sent it to his house.......



Blew his lid and fumed and vented on the phone to me.



Last week I asked how the guitar was and his reply said he was very happy and had bought it direct from the U.S? So I wasn't brave enough to ask what happened to the ordered and delivered one....




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