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Ultimate Guide to SCS4DJ 4 years user

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A Lot of users ask the same questions and I thought it best to put this all in one help file.


Browsing Folders 2 options: to view folders you need to go to playlist - view playlists.

1: using the SCS4DJ system - devices - select device - create playlist from Device - yes. restart when prompted.

2: using pc. Copy playlist.Bat file to the rout directory on your mem stick & run it - put memstick in device wait until the (working icon) goes away. Then restart.

A video is here to help


Crashing & locking up: Tags to big to handle

1: use ID KILL to empty all the info in your tags.

2: Use MP3tag no higher than Version 3.5 here

3: create Tags from filenames to track title. BPM-Key to Artist field. Tip keep tags simple



Virtual dj DB data like BPM & KEY to Tag info. Here

let VDJ analyze ur music and find the key on your stick it will create a data file. select this with the database util and select the BMP / Key to be added to the tag.

Use mp3tag to transfer BPM-Key to artist field.


Clipping & distortion:

Never overuse the new gain once clipping starts it will stay until you restart:

Use MP3Gain to make all your music the same loudness level.


SCS4DJ does not like other file formats like pictures. zipfiles. long files like films & analyzed files from soundforge temp files etc.... keep you're sticks clear of files not related to the device.

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Excellent post man! The SCS4 is a great unit, but it needs to be treated in a certain way to work as intended.

This is so true - it's a lot of complicated power in a very small box...you got to treat it just right.

I have found quality of usb stick + data on it is the biggest factor determining how well the box works.

Use good + fast usb sticks, keep ONLY your music files on the stick, and make sure they are in good shape.

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if some tracks are missing it will be because the audio file has no meta data ( tag info ) if the files are black it will not register the track..

find the track that's missing and check the data. the program was written by some one in the group I just collated all the best usefull programs to help others.


Good luck guys Shame Gibson have no new info or updates....

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