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1985 Explorer

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Hi guys,


I'm new to the forum, but I am a dedicated, Swedish Gibson player, and I guess there's quite some useful knowledge among the members here!


Ten years ago, as a fifteen year old, I got my first Gibson, a 1985 Explorer in the color 'porn red', as I usually call it. It is my first real love when it comes to guitars, and I'd like to know some more about it. I am not really sure what model it is, since they made quite a few different Explorers back in the eighties.


It seems to be an Explorer 83 or similar, but I don't think the 83 was made in this finish. Mine seems to have a rosewood fingerboard, and it has a brownish headstock front with an orange logo, as opposed to ebony and black/white on the common 83 model. I would love to know everything about this guitar, such as what model it is, what woods it is made of and maybe what it might be worth. I have a couple of pics of dings where you can see the wood underneath, but I didn't manage to get them included in the post. Serial number on the guitar is 82915595


When it comes to pickups there is one SD Distortion in bridge position, and a Gibson pickup in neck position with the classic patent number 2737842. Neck pickup has twelve screw poles, so I suppose it's a Dirty Fingers.




post-72867-063971500 1436265457_thumb.jpg

post-72867-070262000 1436265955_thumb.jpg

post-72867-041221200 1436265964_thumb.jpg

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