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Southern Jumbo Special 12 fret scratch and dent

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Nice. And a 12 fret SJ is a whole lotta J-45 tone for your "first" Gibson slope. Hopefully, you got to play that one alongside the J-45 that almost came home with you.


In deed I did. Getting to hear this one in different types of room is really showing how good it sounds. It's really a bit difficult to judge in a store with 30 guitars hanging on the wall of a room with solid wood floor, walls and ceiling.

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Has Gibson made 12 fret SJ's in the past? If so when, and how many do you think they have made?



This has never been a standard model. It is a modern creation. I doubt if that many have been made. To the best of my knowledge this year or last year were the one and only issues of this particular model.


Gibson has made other 12-fret slope-J models, such as the Jackson Browne, based on the 1930's Roy Smecks.


Modoc333 might chime in on this, as he works for a Gibson dealer.

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Really nice pics, Brian. It looks great. You'll have to get us a video or audio file so we can hear it.....You know, showing us those pics of your guitar is like pouring a bucket of chum into the water while the sharks are already in a feeding frenzy. [thumbup] [thumbup]

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