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Flatwounds for Synapse 5 bass

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I ordered a set of LaBelle flatwound, DBE for this and as per earlier discussions - they did not fit. Evidently the SST-111 set specified for Synapse 5 string bass is slightly custom and the standard (other) steinbergers are different?


So preferring flatwound strings, I ordered Rotosound 5 flats SBE (actually I fitted a set of 4 and waited patiently for the new sets to arrive, having already been disappointed by an earlier set of LaBelle flatwounds that didn't fit)...


Only the find that I can't actually fit the B string through the capture point at the 'head' of the instrument? Noting that SST-111 specifies a 0.128 and these are 0.130, yes very, very slightly larger.


Is there a specification for what size string will fit? should I consider a small round file and ream out the fitting slightly?


If only I could order a DBE flatwound set that would fit...but now, awaiting several international postings already - I just want to be able to use the damn thing with a full set of flatwounds, SBE, DBE - I don't care!


Anybody with any ideas?


Regards, Clayton

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So I have had to drill out the little removable mechanism that holds the B string (as it was totally impossible to get it in there) - the part is tool steel, so then to remove the broken drill bit fragments. (It is still quite difficult to fit 2 of the strings - not easy at all.)


I now have a 5 string Synapse with flatwound set to enjoy.


BUT - there will be no such thing as a quick change over if I ever break a string (have I ever broken a bass string, I can't remember it if I did...)


AND - even though I have new strings on and a spare set - I'd still like to buy a set of flat wound DBE strings that fit - so convenient!


SO - happy, but with some reservations

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I am using D'Addario Chromes ECB81-5SL.  Flat wound .045  .065  .080  .100  .132

For the .132 B string,  do not use a drill.  Instead, use  a .134 diameter reamer and if possible, ream it thru with a hand chuck.  Remove the set screw and then feed the reamer thru the hole from the end of the neck towards the body.  Rotate the reamer and feed it by hand firmly letting it cut the hole size .006 larger than original.   Do not let the reamer rub but do not overly force it and do not hit the nut.

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