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Serial number in new product

Massimo Rumore

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Hi everybody. I need your advice, guys... five years ago, my wife took me a wonderful L 5 which she bought in a official dealer in Italy. Today, while I was playing it, I noticed that there is no serial number in the rear face of the headstock. Is it normal for a L5 Wes Montgomery?

I asked about it to Gibson Europe Assistance, but their answers have not been clear at all.

TY for your attention

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This is typical of some "Historic" series guitars. As there was no serial number on the headstock of the original, so therefore none on the "reissue".


The serial number should be on an oval sticker under the OTHER f-hole than the one you show in the photo.


Also,..... From the tan oval label shown in your photo I can tell you have a "Master Model" instrument. This is the highest level of Gibson archtops in craftsmanship and materials, and a step above the "production" models with the orange label.

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