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gibson custom real??


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Hello all, new to the board and not a gibson player yet......

Always had a strat, and a fender sonoran, but i wanted a Gibson all my live.

Love the custom models but did'nt have the money for it, and now i got my eye on a custom from 1977 wine red, but cant see on the pics that its real.

Number checks out, but cant see the MADE IN USA stamp and cant find if this model should have one.post-72972-090963300 1436536496_thumb.jpg

They all look good, but its a six hour drive, so maybe i'm missing something and offcourse there are people with a better eye then me......

This guitar did'nt see much daylight, so that good explain why it looks so good.

here are the pics

post-72972-047900400 1436536348_thumb.jpg

post-72972-056786500 1436536357_thumb.jpg

post-72972-076091600 1436536385_thumb.jpg

post-72972-000727100 1436536397_thumb.jpg

post-72972-067787200 1436536477_thumb.jpg

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Looks like a gorgeous and genuine 1970s LP Custom in beautiful condition, with volute.


I'm biased because I have a dark cherry LP Custom myself. Buying that was one of the best things I ever did, opened up my playing (and led me to this forum too).

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Hello and welcome to the Forums!


This is a perfect example of a Norlin-era Les Paul!


Beautiful! [thumbup]


Don't worry about the missing "Made in U.S.A." stamp. It's often absent on these 70s Gibsons.


Cheers... Bence

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I saw a video of Al DiMeola playing one that looks like that, only the hardware was Nickel. Really, a classy, understated color. I couldn't keep my eyes off of A) His effortlessly gliding fingers on the fretboard, and B) The beutiful color of that guitar. Really just a gorgous Polsfuss. I could watch Al play all day. What a genius.

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