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Les Paul Studio lite/M III electronics

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Hi, I'm a repairman and also make custom built electric guitars. I have a Les Paul Studio Lite with the M III electronics to restore and would appreciate some information or advice before I proceed.


The guitar has all the original parts, except the truss rod cover is missing. The electronics are original though dirty and dusty but the inductor is loose from its mounting.


The dark blue finish is chipped in a few places and the top clear coat has come off in patches. The head has broken off and been repaired with a reinforcing strip of wood and the neck has been resprayed with what I'm certain is black acrylic aerosol lacquer.


My customer wants it refinished in black, but I'm suggesting replicating the original translucent dark blue. I'd in any case blend in an opaque finish to mask the repair. A clearcoat will top it all off. I'll be using a combination of acrylic colour and polyurethane clearcoat. Not period correct but the right kind of nitro lacquer is not available here, and US suppliers won't ship out of US.


My questions:


1) How rare is this model? Serial number is 90395578 which puts it at Feb 8th 1995.


2) The clearcoat on the head face has peeled from the "throat" to the first set of tuners. Would attempting to remove the rest risk removing the decal as well?


Where can I get a correct replacement truss rod cover?

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Hello and welcome to the Forums!


1.) Not that rare, I'd rather say it's a unique variation on the Les Paul theme. They go around $5-600.


2.) The logo is silkscreened, that fragile it is.


3.) From factory it had blank truss rod cover. It can be purchased almost everywhere, in shops carrying OEM Gibson parts. For example: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gibson-Gear-PRTR-010-Electric-Guitar/dp/B0002D0MI0/ref=pd_sim_sbs_267_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0AH2FAAJTCSABCDHYZTM


Best wishes... Bence

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Welcome to the Forum Julianmokhtar


They are a Unique Les Paul & the last one I saw for sale sold for $800 on eBay last month..


The decal will have clear lacquer over it..

After filling this I have sanded over the decals with 2000 grit to get it ready to spray the black to cover the damage & will sand again after painting before the clear coat..

I sprayed the rear but still want to add some red to cover the break & dowels..

Looks pretty good so far..

Just need to find time to get back to it..

As stated above the Truss Rod Cover should have been a two ply blank, I have seen some say Studio on them, If that's what the customer wants eBay has plenty of them..

The choke coil is placed in the cavity loose on these, It should have gotten some hot glue or a mount.. See Mine..

I have the wiring diagrams etc for this model if you need them..


1994 Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite with M-III Electronics


Filling Holly Veneer with Timbermate


Headstock Rear First coat of Translucent Red


Headstock Stripped + Mahogany Splines


Headstock Front NOTE: Bent/Warped Holly Veneer


Control Cavity


Sales Flyer NOTE: Blank Truss Rod Cover


Specs Sheet


Truss Rod Cover, Reuse The Black Screws


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