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Help me identify this?


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Hey ya'll I'm new to these forums so I wanna begin with a nice hello =]


Ok, so here's the issue, my buddy is selling me a Gibson SG Special for $400 bucks

It looks legit, have yet to try it out, but on his item listing on Ebay it was called "Gibson SG Special Faded"

Does this look like a faded to you guys??





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"faded" is a blanket term for the model

the degree of "fade" differ

that one looks quite nice' date=' it doesn't look that faded[/quote']


So you think it might just be a normal special?


Sorry, im just really excited. like little school girl excited

im gettin a really nice SG for the same price i payed for a MIM telecaster

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Here is the NON-FADED version of the SG Special...







Here is the FADED version...





Not that many of the fadeds I've seen actually look like the stock photo every website uses. I'll take a better picture soon, but look at my avatar. I don't know if they were actually that faded when they first started coming out with them or if some just get more love in the factory than others. Mine's closer to the darker color of the regular Special, but just a little lighter.

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The way I understand it is that Gibson currently has two Special models, one is the Special Faded, which has a blank truss rod cover and black dials along with a brighter finish. Then there is the regular Gibson SG Special, which comes in Wine Red, Ebony, Worn Cherry, and Worn Brown. And it has a truss rod cover with the letters 'SG' and silver inserts on the knobs. The colour is also darker like the Wine Red. I like it alot more. Theres a price difference of about 100$ from what i've seen. Then there's also the rarer version with the Crescent Moon inlays. (Dunno why they decided to do that, the inlays seem kind of out of place as there's no other defining characteristics)

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eh im not really big into the fadeds

ive owned one before and it was kind of disappointing

had it setup twice in one year and it never stayed in tune and didnt sound as crunchy as i wanted it to



getting 2 setups in a year isn't anything odd. once when it turns cold, once when it turns warm.

if it never stayed in tune, then you need a new tech doing your setups.

as for the crunch... well, now that i have no faith your tech i'm guessing the pickups weren't set up properly, but it's also possible that you just want some hotter pups.


that being said, the fadeds seem to be getting worse. they used to be good guitars. lately they don't look, feel, play or sound as good as they did a few years ago.

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ok so i made a 100 downpayment and it is an SG Specail 2006 with the nitro finish.

Its a steal.

in mint condition, just needs a setup. The neck is slightly concaving in towards the fretboard, but i told him to take off the strings and lower the bridge and stop bar so i can adjust the truss rod this weekend. is this anything i should worry about?

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