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Songwriter Studio vs. Standard.What's different?


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My first time posting here.I recently bought a 2009 Gibson songwriter deluxe ec standard.Seller has 2 of them for me to choose at $1,000 each and I pick the standard one over studio based on the word "Standard" alone.I don't see much of them out there on the used market and not much of the information available. Beside cosmetically. What's the major difference between them and which would you prefer?



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Hi everyone, I reply on this 3d 'cause I'm really interested about Songwriter. Std model has ebony keyboard instead rosewood and binding is in maple (flamed maple, I think).


But I prefer parallelogram inlays as Drathbun and probably the Fishman EQ on the side is more simple to set when you're playing...


I have a question, because I'm going to try one of these beauties (used, year 2008). Since which date the trussrod cover has "Studio" impressed on?


Thank you for your reply and please don't mind to my very very bad english [biggrin]

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