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What pickups do I have?


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According to the 1988 Les Paul catalogue, they are called "59 Les Paul Reissue" pickups, whatever that means. Prior to the current Gibson humbucker range, - in 70s/80s - Gibson was naming pickups rather confusingly. For example, the term "Super Humbuckers" was applied to anything from AlNiCo III pickups to Low-Z pickups of the Les Paul Signature (the semi-hollow).


Googling on 1988 Les Paul Custom, most of the hits show the Bill Lawrence-designed circuit board units, called "HB-R/L". Picture of the back of the pickup would help.




Cheers... Bence

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So I just took the pickups out to take a pic...why does the bridge have Gibson USA engraved in it, but the Neck pickup just has a patent number? this worries me.


Keep in mind that your guitar was made at a transitional point since Gibson ownership had just changed hands from Norlin to Henry J.


Guitars made in transitional periods can vary, especially with pick ups, wiring, pots, and other specs. Any parts or components that are left over from one era are likely going to be used until they are gone, so specifications can be a real head scratcher until everything catches up and standardized. I agree with the previous statement that they are early 490/498 pickups.


No worries, so enjoy your guitar! [thumbup]

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