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I have been searching for a Zenith for about two months. One popped up on Craig List a couple states away. At first the owner did not want to ship, so I let it go. Than about a week ago he called,, and we made the deal.


First impressions: Gorgeous bass, craftsmanship appears top-notch, all hardware and electronics work wonderfully. She's a real looker.


Test run: Played through my MarkBass Little Mark III / Hartke 112 Hydrive cab.She is very versatile, and easy to get a great tone through the amp.


Recording: Recorded her on an empty track on a recording made this past weekend on my QSC TouchMix 16. Great recorded sound - our band is an Acoustic Gospel outfit with banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and acoustic guitars. Very smooth thick sound that really complimented the band's style and flavor.


I think the Zenith is going to be a great bass for this band. Astatically, as well as tone it fills the bill. One hurdle is it's 11.4 pound weight. Pretty heavy. I have been using my Jack Casady for this band, and the sound is close, and the Casady is much, much lighter. All the knobs on the Zenith concern me as well, and again the Casady is very simple to operate.


Anyway, here are a few pics of my new darling. I will probably hang on to her for a while, unless I cannot handle her excessive weight.

post-73053-030393500 1437279415_thumb.jpg

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