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Warm soft furry Pus*y...


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little innuendo there? O:)


My cat does that as well... he's on top of a case when it's closed but if i leave the case open when i'm playing he takes a nap inside... just so long as nothing happens to my guitars i'm okay with it.



You're very color coordinated. The cat matches the case =D>


Hahhaha... Well be careful I thought it was really cute too until she threw up in it.... No more cats in the case...

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If you need help eating that...................... He is certified in many different breeds





eat what, the cat or the barf?


our dogs like to do both... and one fancies kitty litter as well... :-k[-(


yum, tootsie rolls!



actually one time i was watching some morning show and they made a kitty litter cake dessert thing... it had some edible kitty litter substitute and tootsie rolls as the little kitty clumps... that was maybe 10 years ago and i still remember it... some things just stick with ya.

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