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Best settings for an acoustic sound out of my Riviera


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Hello Everyone:


New here so go easy lol.


OK so I picked up a beauitful Epiphone Riviera P93 on a trade the other day. I had planned on flipping it as it's just not my thing . . . or so I thought!! Man this thing is GREAT!!! Surprisingly for the price it can hold it's own against my other higher end semi hollows. . . just might be keeping her.


Anyways I'm finding it has a really nice acoustic sound when using the center pickup and didn't know if anyone one could suggest any settings that might bring it out just a bit more.


If this is a knob question forgive me . . I'm still on my first coffee this morning lol.


Have a great day and thank you to any and all who respond.

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Hi Q and welcome to the forums.... [thumbup]


Obtaining a convincing acoustic sound from a semi will always be a compromise


There is a Boss pedal (ac-3) which works quite well


Otherwise max treble, lower gain on the amp....





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