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Bought three new boost pedals and acoustic DI box. I am a sucker for boost/OD pedals. Traded in my fuzz that was sitting unused.


LR Baggs Session DI - this pedal is actually really nice with my archtops and adds that extra sparkle/depth that was missing.


Suhr Shiba drive - nice OD pedal with classic rock overtones


BBE G- Screamer OG-1 Gus G - offers some great rock sounds or SRV sounds


AKAI (custom shop) Blues OD - some nice classic OD with a bit more mid











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Have you ever used a Blues Screamer? I bought one on line for like less then 50.00 and was disappointed with it. Not any sound difference with it on or off. It might carry the tone a little longer but that's about it other then being louder.

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