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Ideal Solvent for finger grease on tone wood.


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What is the best solvent to clean away finger prints on a 1999 J45?


I have been using Naphtha ( Ronsonol lighter fluid ).

Along with cut up pieces of clean,soft, 100% cotton, T shirts.


I don't get any on the bridge or fret board.


My Goodall is polyurethane I use 70% Isopropol with good results.


I believe that both Gibson and Martin's are lacquer.


I have an old bottle of guitar polish without silicone but I don't use it just for finger/palm smudges.

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You're using it - naphtha (ideally with no additives).





Thanks, I am using it but I found that some of the hand smudges require some real 30 -60 second soft cloth rubbing.

And it pushes the smudge around instead of lifting it off. Maybe it's this high humidity today?

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As Lars88 writes, the Virtuoso products work very well. They are are specifically designed for use on nitro-finished guitars.


To keep my guitar's neck clean and smooth and to clean off daily contamination on the body I use Meguiar's Final Inspection #34. Spray a squirt on a micro fiber cloth and wipe it off. It's totally simple.


I've used it for 4 years on my guitar with no harmful effects. It's rated as body shop safe, which means it doesn't contain silicone or anything else that would prevent paint from sticking and it contains no abrasives.


If it doesn't remove the smudge, then I use the Virtuoso polish, and if that doesn't work the Virtuoso cleaner.


That's just my advice. People like BigKahune, who has a lot more money invested in guitars and knows way more than I do, swears by naptha. Others by only an old t-shirt and water.





edit: and Tarrr, another respected source, jumped in while I was posting with a vote for naptha.

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http://www.amazon.com/Klean-Strip-VM-P-Naphtha-Quart/dp/B001G9TGQI here's a 15$ quart.


Is there a brand or website you would recommend?


Thank you for the INFO. I have a feeling you are right and the Ros lighter fluid isn't pure enough. I have to spend a lot of time with the small, clean, t shirt pieces rubbing.


I do wash my hands at least half the time I play.


Here's a random Nahptha quote I found that concerns me because I remember the old days before the Air Board condemned the best polyurethane hardwood floor finish for strong out-gassing.

But for a while you could get it in neighboring AZ. I am in CA.


"If you live in the USA then you won't be getting the right Naphtha, all naphtha made in the USA can not be trusted because of the loose regulation on ingredients in this type of solvent. You will never get pure naphtha in the USA, even the vm&p can be completely inconsistent from one bottle to the next and isn't even advertised as pure. In Canada they make pure naphtha"


Maybe Al Gore can send me a gallon?

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Everyone raves about Virtuoso, but I have always used Gibson Pump Polish on my guitars when they need it. It's easy to wipe on and off and it works great. I have never felt the need to try another product.


I use Gerlitz Guitar Honey on my Roswood and Ebony fretboards. It cleans and condtions very well and leaves the wood looking healthy and smooth.

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