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Awhile back I purchased a custom made Strat. In time I found it impossible to play due to wrist pain. I've tried various other guitars and eventually had the same problem. My friend loaned me his Sonex 180 deluxe and the neck was comfortable in a way that I could spend hours playing without any problems to my wrist. I went on E-bay and found one of my own. I'm hoping to find specs on the Sonex neck in such a fashion that those measurements would allow me to find the exact same neck on another guitar. I realize I can have it measured with a micrometer although I thought I'd throw it out here and see if I could get a few suggestions. It's a 1981. I've upgraded tuners, bridge, and replaced the pickups with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. I read somewhere that the Sonex was built in Japan and those specs were unique to that factory. Sounded like there were no records available. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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