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Sal now I know what you meant when you commented last week about the substandard recording from an iPhone. I listened to the recording I made and it was so full of pops that I couldn't bear to torture anyone else with this recording.

Not sure why maybe the mic was clipping because I was playing too aggressively. I have recorded with it in the past with better results.

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Aero... the secret to embedding is to find the link to your video that looks like this:




and not the one that has a shortened URL, or "embedded blah blah blah" in it. I am not smart enough to understand how and why, I just am following the template for the links that I successfully am able to get to display as video.


Once you have THAT PROPER link, then remove the "s".


Oh... and I though the recording was fine. If you want better - just pony up a few hundred for an APOGEE MiC, and an Apogee Lightning connector.

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1437595945[/url]' post='1678418']

For comparison this is take 2 recorded with the apogee mic. I tried the [/media] trick before and after the YouTube link and it still doesn't embed. When I go to edit message the [media] is still before and after the link but disappears when I post. ��

Also as you can see Sal there is no s after the http.

Still won't embed! Whatever.



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