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I ownwd an Epiphone Firebird years ago. Great guitar, but a "Bird without neck-through construction and banjo tuners just isn't really a Firebird is it?


This is my Gibson Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Firebird ... one of my favorite guitars!








Love it, absolutely beautiful. Only way it could be better, is non-reverse.

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i am surprised nobody seems to have any epi firebirds


No offence intended to anyone who has one, but I always found the Korean-made bolt-on Epi Firebirds from the '90s to be total and utter garbage.


Since then there have been a few half-hearted attempts by Epi, of which the Firebird VII from the early 2000s was probably the best (albeit with a set neck). The Firebird Studio was just a funny-shaped G400.


I don't know why Epiphone neglects the Firebird so much. Every new line up of Epiphones each year seems to reveal another load of Les Paul offerings; would it really be so hard to set up a manufacturing line for Firebirds and see how it goes? They are interesting guitars, and I think there would be some demand for them.


If Epiphone ever makes a proper, through-neck Firebird reverse, or a nice version of a non-reverse with a set neck and P90s or mini-hums, then I'd pre-order one from Guitar Center like a shot!


But if they're going to do it, then then should do it properly. A non-reverse Firebird needs a through-neck, mini-hums, and banjo tuners. Otherwise, well, it isn't a Firebird. If the through neck is too much of a problem for a factory used to making set neck guitars, then make a non-reverse! Either way, Epiphone should really give the Firebird a chance.

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no bolt on neck here and banjo tuners






... and it's a Gibson, right? That was sort of the point ... Eiphone has never done a completely correct version of the Firebird.


Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the Epi Firebird that I used to own. Nice guitar ... just not a Firebird in the sense that an Epiphone Les Paul is a real Les Paul, is it?







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