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Epiphone S-300 Strat Copy


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Found an all original Pearl White almost mint condition Excellent condition at worst. Nice maple neck, Floating trem. I know they were never a pricey guitar and this is certainly for a conversation piece My Gibson LP Std and Epi LP Classic are just a couple of my players. Wondering what opinion if any was out there.

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I have owned two of those Epiphone Strat-copies over the years, and I must confess, both guitars were fantastic.


Well made, incredible (authentic) Stratocaster tones, and very agreeable values.


My older white one I picked up in Germany in 1989 or 1990.

Bought it used from a Soldier who was PCSing and needed the money.

It had the hockey-stick shaped head stock.

Great axe, and I enjoyed playing it for many years.


Later on in Hawaii it got nicked when some burglar got into our house in Wahiawa.

The a-hole burglar made off with that, my Ovation Celebrity solid-body bass guitar, all my handguns, and most of my wrist-watches.

(And get this; the dumb-a$$ left my shiny beautiful 1996 Gibson Les Paul Studio just sitting there. Funny.)


In the insurance replacement process, I ended up buying another Epiphone S-300 in red.

This new one (a 2000 model) had the head stock shaped much like a G&L guitar.


I loved it, played it for many years, and then ultimately sold it to the son of one of my coworkers.

The kid needed an electric, and he just couldn't afford a proper (new) instrument.

I had too many guitars as it is by then (over a dozen), so I passed it on.


He's playing it happily to this day.


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