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I am banned from Russo by my wife.


I so want a Martin and now they are a Martin dealer, where else would I ever need to go?


They had a nice selection of sub 18 series guitars, as well as a sweet D35, HD28, Clapton 000-28, and a few other high end ones.

See you at Russo's!

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You say Sub-18, as in 00-15M? I was just in AP but stayed on the beach. I knew I couldn't afford the ride over to Lake Av.


Smurf... I was o the boardwalk for a while too...coincidence....

Anyhow we were at Russo's as well, and they had an 000-15m, an 00-15m burst, and a D15m burst as well. Frankly I find these Martin 15 series bursts quite appealing.

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C'mon Zomby! You might not get out much, but surely you read this site enough to know that Sal's been doing good business with them for awhile now -- and got his sweet Hummingbird there.


I'm the guy who kicks the tires--and loves going there--but never buys anything because I don't want to leave the guitar in the car while I'm playing pinball in the nearby arcade.

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