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[Expires after 01/30/2008; then delete if I don't get back to this remark...]


Maybe three topics: one on each of the three pickups? I see that there are common questions about the Piezo (mostly volume control) and the P90H (hum)... Although I haven't seen a topic on the Burstbucker 3, perhaps it would also be appropriate?


Perhaps a topic on the case? And, collapse all the previous "case" talk into it; or pointers to all the case talk?


Perhaps a topic on the MCK?


Perhaps a topic on the switch (that also seems to break)?


Perhaps a topic on the maple top (people seem to be interested in the various photos, grades of woodwork, "flame", etc.).

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None right now, but the forum is definetly coming together Steve...good job. The navigation to specific ares is great and easier to find for everyone.


I gotta run as I need to work on a coupla songs for band rehearsal tomorrow (ie; Melissa - Almond Bro's and Jailhouse Rock - Elvis version). =D>


P.S. If you need any forum help, you can count on me Steve.

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