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NGD - Casino with Bigsby - Pictures Added


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Hi just joined these forums to share my first ever non Fender NGD! Have wanted a hollowbody guitar for a long time and love P90's, but stayed away from Epiphones as was selling them @ music shop I worked @ in about 2007 and the quality was just not good at all. Anyway fast forward to the present and in my local craigs list equivalent I spot a 2009 Casino with Bigsby & hardcase for about $300US, anyway called the seller and told them it was worth way more and they should up their asking price - guy thanked me and said if it didn't sell I could have 1st dibs on it @ his original asking price. Few days later he calls me back and says its mine if I want it, then he delivered it as well [200kms distance]


When I first saw it I was shocked that it was in essentially in mint condition and came with its original genuine hardcase and all tags and booklets - The guitar is exceptionally well made and plays way better than a very good Korean made Casino I tried out that cost way way more than this one; noticed the neck on this one is quite chunky to which I really like, it sounds very full & I have looked at the guitar very closely all over with a flashlight and cannot pick any defects whatsoever....amazed.


The universe was smiling down on me as it made it very clear that it wanted me to have a hollowbody NGD, thanks universe.







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