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Diff between Alvin Lee's Big Red ES-335...


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i'm about to purchase an Alvin Lee Big Red ES-335 (unlimited) but i see that the limited edition (50 of them) version has a long neck tenon, the unlimited one has not.


What would be the difference? Can it be retrofitted?


Thanks in advance.


Oh and what was the price for a limited edition one out of curiosity? They're most likely sold-out anyways.

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I was lucky enough to get a "Alvin Lee" limited edition (red) back in 2007 (without stickers) but im not shure how many were made ? I thought it was 20 in red and 20 in black. If anybody knows please tell me. Acording to the searial number its #14. Its also signed on back of headstock in felt pen by Alvin himself. I think I paid about $3600.00 for it. But its probably the finest in my collection. When I run it thru my Marshall stack (JCM 900 100 watt) air blows out of the "F" holes. Its nice ! I saw a black one for sale on E-bay about a month ago so good luck finding one. Later glennglenn.

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