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Hi all :) got a new piece of kit. This pedal is awesome, 12 delays and 4 toneprints which can be beamed via a smartphone or via a usb connection. Great selection of toneprints to choose from, from the toneprints app. Can also do deep editing too via connection of usb cable to toneprints editor, you can customise/control each delay.

Have the choice of 1 delay or all 3 at the same time ektjer in parallel or serial mode. I like the serial mode, love the way each delay blends into the other. Some truly beautiful soundscapes can created with this pedal, plus it's super easy to use with the:time, repeats, mix and subdivision control knobs.

Sorry photo is vertical, tried rotating, but it wants to be in this position. Kind regards, Emma :) 20150728_093936_zpsynwsp7vt.jpg

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