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Hello all I need help trying to ID a guitar I just recently purchased. I was in my local guitar shop and found a used Gibson Les Paul. I looked up the Serial number but it didnt tell me much. I was hoping that it would have been more specific but all it did was tell me the date it was made, color, production number and plant it was made. Then I went through the case to see if there was anymore info on the guitar like, what woods were used, what the fretboard was made of etc. can anyone help me with the ID of what kind of les paul this is?

it has "Classic" inked on the truss rod plate and it does have a pick gaurd on it but there was one in the case that had "1960" stamped on it as well. it was made in 2011 and is Manhattan Blue and thats really all I know. One reason that i am intersted in fidning out what kind of material and pickups were used is becuase the pickups were upgraded on this guitar and i was wondering what the stock pickups were. Is there a way to give the serial number to Gibson directly to get the material sheet and more contruction information?

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