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The very respectable QC on the oversea epiphone models

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After playing both the Gibson USA & epiphone slash "Rossa Corsa" models I came to the realization that the electronics build quality and playability were almost identical. So when they dropped a sale on the Epi version I just couldn't pass up I picked one up - after thinking I'd never love other guitars as much as my 2005 Gibson USA in cherry burst and my 95 American strat modified to the hilt I was blown away by the performance of my Slash epi and my Tommy Thayer epi, I just plain LOVE these guitars..... I do have quite a rig but either guitar freaking rocks my shirt off every time I crank one up! Being severely physically disabled my only regret is that I can't play standing up anymore - especially with the weight of my gibsons which again having first been a stray guy seem to be piling up! This year alone I've picked up a melody maker I'm TV yellow, a slash corsa rossa epi, a Tommy Thayer epi, and am working in picking up a strat HSS with a Floyd Rose only because I tend to detund almost all my guitars and I'm looking for something to take to jam nights that's actually set up in E.Also this year I've picked up a red Blackstar and. White Marshall dsl40c and a awesome pedal the electro harmonic holy stain, livin in guitar heaven!

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