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Where can I get size 1T bridge pins?


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I'm so lame. I have a ton of bridge pins. They fit my Martin guitars, and are probably size 2A. I just assumed they'd fit my incoming 2016 Hummingbird, but duh, of course they won't.


Apparently, Gibsons after 2009 use "size 1T" pins, or maybe just size 1.


Anyone know where I can get size 1T pins? To make matters worse, I was hoping to try several different types out. I have found I really like ebony on most of my guitars (and it looks great with a rosewood bridge), but I might not like ebony necessarily on my Hummingbird, so I thought I might get both ebony and bone to try out.


It's easy to find bridge pins for Martins but not so easy for Gibsons...

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I have unslotted pins in all my guitars. They are either Stewmac bone pins or vintage replica Antique Acoustics. They also sell slotted pins, of course.






By the way, I like to tinker, so I always slot the bridges on my guitars, put in unslotted pins. I also remove any paper labels, sometimes change pickguards. I also glue the saddles with hide glue (can easily be undone with heat). My Martins that came with satin headstocks, I buffed to a gloss finish.


Here is a guitar that got most of these treatments (all but the buffring of the headstock which was not needed) [biggrin]






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What were they prior to 2009 Jesse? I forget! I need to get a set as well for my new favorite!


Well I just got thrown for a loop when I read this. "Gibson Guitar specifies a size 2A for their instruments and we recommend this size." That's the same size as Martins, roughly, and the size of all my pins.


So why the heck did I read 1T elsewhere? Now I need to figure out where I read that. :) I think it either said pre-2009 or pre-1994 or something... and after that, 1T, before that...? I'll see if I can find it.






Gibson (prior to 1995) 2A

Gibson (1995 to Oct 31, 2009) 1.3

Gibson (Nov 2009 to present) 1


Not confusing at all!! :P According to this, "old" Gibsons are 2A, newer are 1.3, and really new are 1. Or 1T???


I guess I'll just wait until my guitar arrives and try all my pins and see if any fit.

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Jesse, I use 2A pins in all of my Gibsons, most of which are years 2000 and newer. They have fit in all of them with no problems at all.


That's great, thanks! I should be good to go already then, as is. Only question is, will it be bone, ebony, rosewood, horn...? So many choices...

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I heartily second that source. Bob Colosi has assisted many here with saddles, shms, pins and the like. Extremly knowledgable guy - seems too know all the sizes to anythng, has fair prices, fast delivery, and a wide variety of material choices. [thumbup]


I also second the recommendation for Colosi's pins. From Bob you can also get stained bone pins. The T1s fit perfectly in my new Gibson. They were just a bit too big for my Seagull, but sanded down very quickly. Based on these two experiences, I'd say that Bob's sizing recommendations are on the money.

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