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Used ZT3 Spotted


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I came across a used ZT3 at a local pawn & their asking $1100 with gig bag..

It's in maybe 90-95 percent condition & sounded killer for the 5-10 minute test drive we ran thru it..


What do you guy/gals think about this guitar & that price??

I doubt I'll even get a response but thought I'd ask anyhow..

It'll be the first of the year before I can do anything about it anyway..





Here's a Pic of the two they had there..

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Has anyone tried the LaBella or D'Addario strings on their ZT3?? Instead of the Chinese made Steinberger strings??

I know that in the old days LaBella made Neds strings in NJ & I figure that Gibson must be behind the Chinese made strings?? Calibrated!!


Does anyone even read this forum??


I know the Gibson area gets lots of posts an activity but almost nothing here or at many of the others


Just looking into strings for what be my Sons next guitar

I know I can use any guitar string on this guitar & calibrate it myself with an allen wrench & tuner


What say the??


Should I be looking at a NS Design instead or an older GL2T instead??


My Son really likes the Trans Trem Idea..


I'm starting to think that all the newer "Gibson Steinbergers" may have problems & there doesn't seem to be any parts or service, AT ALL, for them..

I've seen plenty of threads about problems/troubles & only back in 2008 or so did the sandman answer any of them..


What if I need a part? Will I have to engineer, design & make the component, then harden & finish it?

I know that Jeff Babicz has lots of goodies for the older Steinies & even the Spirits but absolutely nothing for the Synapse or ZT3..


I'm almost scared to even acquire one of these newer Steinbergers..


Does anyone out there even still own one now, Or where they sold on eBay for $799


The Spirit without the Trans Trem is starting to look better & better..

Oh & I'll have to setup & work on this creation too..

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