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Where do you play your guitar?

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Living room and my dock on Tampa Bay (in the cooler months).


I'm an earshot from the Wagonwheel myself. Situated along the bayou that's just North of it.


My jam room is the small room of the house. I have a rocking chair, old wood one, and some 18" stools, no furniture. Just guitars and amps. Speakers/mics are all out in the back room and set very modest. I like my guitars on stands on the floor... you can imagine the spaghetti nest of guitar cables. Bamboo wood floor, may not be Abbey Road but its a little comfort I took from watching GregV on YouTube. His house always looked so tranquil and I tried to build my jam room sparse and mellow.

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From the answers so far, it appears that music plays an important part in our lives, warranting some dedicated space for guitars, amps and other hardware. Right now, all I have is the corner of the living room, but I'd like a man cave for my skis, bikes, camping and canoeing equipment. And of course, music.

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In my music/model building room... when I'm not in some smoky bar.


I feel ya... I have a studio/office where I keep a bunch of my guitars and amps. If I play electric at home that is where I will play. But we are gigging at least once most weeks, so I haven't really been playing at home much at all.

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Living room.




Office at work, I keep a Blackstar ID15 there so I can play before work, and sometimes at breaks.




Other side of living room is where my cases reside.




And in my daydreams, on stage with AC/DC [thumbup]



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Some very famous musicians admit to playing in the 'smallest room' for it's 'convenience' and fine hard wall acoustic.... [thumbup]


Sometimes euphemistically known as the bathroom...






There is NOTHING like "bathroom reverb"! There OUGHT to be a pedal that emulates that!



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The majority of my day is spent in my combination home office/music room. Here's a partial shot taken from my desk:




If I worked out of a home office like that, I'd get fired! I'd be a much better guitar player though. :)


Thats nice!

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