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WOW what happened to the Skillshouse area? I enjoyed that and was just there a couple weeks back but now it is ONLY Arlen Roth. NOT GOOD!



I certainly would agree with you. One of the factors that led to my purchase of a new Les Paul recently was the Lessons portion of the Gibson web site. If Gibson cannot afford to maintain the site and lessons, then they should have the decency to tell their customers on both this forum and their web site. What this tells me is that Gibson does not care what their customers think. Oh well...........

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The skills house, the way we knew it, is no more


the topic is already discussed here:




Thanks for the insight. Well, first $3700 for a new standard, now this. Time to delete my Gibson bookmark. Have a good one y'all.

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I think you're sort of throwing out the baby with the bath water. but as you wish..


Don't get me wrong. I love Gibson's. I have a traditional LP 2011 (iced tea burst) that is outstanding. But, 'The Skills House' kept me coming back here each week. They, Gibson, have been cranking the price up, especially with the 2015 line (with questionable 'improvements') pushing them to be unreachable for many players. I realize this is a topic for another thread and still love my LP, but I have no need to frequent this site on a regular basis anymore as I fall into that category. Have a good one.

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I agree with the prices and "improvements" not making a lot of sense.


Personally I don't see myself buying anything they've offered in the some of the most best selling models. I'm praying they don't hose up the SJ200 cuz I have my sites set on one in the next year or so


if they mess with those, like they have messed with just about everything else, I'll be going used for sure.




I used to like the skillshouse too, there were some very good lessons that would pop up now and then.


Steve will probably move on some new site, so we'll see how that unfolds.



I guess my point was the forum participation here verses dealing with the gibson main site. This forum has loads of knowledge and it's a good place to share ideas and information. I visit other forums but this one is "home"

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Yes, you can now take lessons from Gibson. I just recently took lessons at https://reverb.com/page/reverb-launches-music-lessons-marketplace there, check out the great build. But in fact, all thanks to the service https://writingbros.com/essay-examples/sociology/  where I ordered ready-made essays for myself, if not for him, I would not have taken lessons, but would have sat on assignments from college. We switched to distance learning, and we were literally inundated with lessons. How strange that the lessons are cool on the one hand, and not very good on the other.

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