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Saturday Song: Leon Russell

Buc McMaster

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On my all-time favorites list, this one from Leon Russell has been covered by beaucoup artists and made Mr Russell a lot of spending money. Beautiful melody, haunting lyrics. And some tough chords to boot! Have no idea what my vocal range is but this tune certainly pushes it...........




New set of natural gut strings on the ukulele. This is what this old 20s Favilla Bros was strung with when it was built nearly 100 years ago.......thought I'd give them a try.

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.....your song choices always make me realize how much more beautiful and interesting melodies were years ago as compared to today, which is the era of The Four Chord Song.


Thanks, Sal. And yes, great melodies pretty much live in the past as a lot of music of the last 30 years has been about the message rather than the melody. Which, as you noted, greatly influences my song choices. I just like to sing as best I can, whatever tune I happen to latch on to, and a great melody is so much more challenge to get a handle on. Which is much of the reason I gave up guitar for the little four-stringers - I can play tunes on the ukulele I could never play on guitar, allowing me to tackle some of the most excellent melodies of the past. Thanks for the love, brother! [cool]

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