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Gibson Mini Humbucker mounting bracket.


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I recently bought an off brand Les paul gold top guitar with P90s. I am looking to put a set of Gibson Mini humbuckers in it.

The minis come with the mounting ring but do not come with the plate that mounts to the cavity and the adjustment screws thread into it.

I was wondering if anyone has come across a place that makes this part or maybe a part number from Gibson that I could order.

I have gone through countless web sites. Gibson guitars came with this part installed and it was usually drilled for both the P90 and the mini mounting locations. I have seen the Lollar vid on replacing them but I would rather have the Gibson pickups. Lollar uses wood screws with a spring and spacer

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Thanks for the links. I copied them but it is such a simple piece I think it should be included in the hardware for the mini humbucker. I think that Gibson has to think about retro fitting their pickups in many guitars. After all it is the pickups that make the guitar.

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