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Tuesday Night Song: 1974

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Felt like singing a song after work..........fought with this one for awhile and this is probably as good as I'm gonna get it tonight. Bozo vocal bobbles here and there. I'll chalk it up to being tired after the job. Nice melody, finger-knot chords........sheesh. This old Wurlitzer 2K soprano has a very sweet voice. It was built by Martin, stamped with the Wurlitzer logo on the back of the headstock, in the early 20s and has survived in amazing condition to rest in my lap, nearly 100 years later. A very, very fine old piece of wood..............



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Thank you, folks..........I appreciate your tolerance!


So, Stu, batting .500 at your house with that one, eh? Not bad I guess, when a MLB player can win a title hitting well below .400! And tell the wife that she and I both are already spoken for!

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I don't think she was ready to pack her bags just yet.


I bought her a cheap uke years ago and she's always threatening to learn the thing. I can see a bit of inspiration sneaking in with your videos. She also likes your song choices. And things you're an all round swell guy. But hey, we all do.


No tolerance needed buc.


Keep em coming

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