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Looking for help to identify vintage gibson model


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It was made in Kalamazoo, Michigan and patented July 1913? ( fire damage erased the last number so not 100% sure). I've had it for 41 years, acoustic, f-holes, solid spruce front, archtop, mother of pearl inlays on fretboard and head. Would really love to identify the model but have not been able to find anything with personal research. Any ideas?





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That little "two handled vase" headstock inlay and the small body are features of the 1934 L-75.


I'd have to see more photos of the back and sides and get an idea where the binding went!

Thats my best well informed guess, but Gibsons of this period can share features or be somewhat of a mix sometimes.

But I'm very sure its not pre-34. The tailpiece carries the patent date of July 19, 1910, but that was the tailpiece patent and this same stamping appeared on tailpieces up to about 1934.


The L-75 would have had a bound neck and mahogany back and sides rather than maple like an L-50 or L-30/L-37.

By 1935 Gibson small f-hole guitars with this body shape were the more commonly seen L-30 and L-37 models.


In the photos I see no body or neck binding on this guitar. Any evidence that it once had binding? Its hard to see the edges in the photos.

You mentioned fire damage so perhaps it came off in the heat. I've never seen a Gibson of this vintage and style that was made with no binding, though some but very few had unbound backs.

The finish looks like it might have been affected by excess heat as well as it lacks the richer colors of the sunbursts from that period.


The tuners and bridge are not original.


These can be pretty cool little archtops if in good shape.



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