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Can someone please help me?!!!....


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Hi' date=' I own a 1957 reissue Gibson Black Beauty and I've recently noticed that when I put a capo on the second fret of the guitar it affects the intonation, so much so that I cannot use a capo. Can anyone please tell me why this is happening?


P.S. I use ernie ball 10's if that helps.


Many thanks! [/quote']

What sort of capo do you use ? They are finnicky things by nature in my opinion . My first guess would be that your capo is applying too much pressure and probably pulling some strings sharp . I suggest one with a tension adjustment . I get the best results with a Shubb .

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+1 Totally sounds like your capo is too stout for your string gauge and fret height. Unless you apply and remove the capo in the same song, just apply the capo and tune to the proper pitch. Some capo's allow you to use a thumbscrew or similar device to set the proper tension. You may just have to go shopping for a new capo!

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IMX capos usually do this...electric and acoustic

Either adapt to it with some retuning...very irritating I know

Or hunt around for a good quality capo with a similar profile to the favoured guitar fretboard

And be aware of the exact placement of the capo to minimise string pulldown and tuning issues





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