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Miles from the Lightning - Jeffrey Foucault cover


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Thanks Phil! Yep he's an artist worth checking out.And he plays vintage j-45's and 000 Martins..so he's a man of maybe (not much) wealth and taste.


MP you always appreciate a bloke hammerin' away on his acoustic.


Sal greetings from Sydney old chap.You are always a kind critic.


Aero..yea ha..i'm boring myself a bit with my song choices.I get enthusiastic working out a song.Then after I post it I think..mmmm..could do better/different.I did have a go with some harmonica but thought i'd leave it out this time.But you're right, it suits the song ok.

Cheers mate.

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Beautiful song, and worthy tribute to TVZ. As always, you do the material justice all around. Glad to hear a new tune with my kind of lyrics.


Now maybe it's me or something on the playback, but did tuning down a step affect intonation at all? Something in the git sounded a wee off to my ear. Like I said, could just be me.


Thanks for posting, FB, always a fan! 👍🏻

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