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PSA: possible way to get a real Gibson at a reasonable price ...


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I was skeptical of the Stratosphere at first, but I took a chance and bought my SG body from them. It was new as advertised, and I built it into my dream SG for less money than I would have paid for a new one. I don't know what exactly their business model consists of, but I'm pretty sure they're not too shady, since they've been around for a while now. They clearly advertise their guitar parts as new or used. I would guess they buy new guitars that sit around in dealers' inventories for too long, strip them out, and make a profit selling the parts individually. They seem to sell less used parts, but I would guess they do the same thing with those. My SG is not a factory second, a Chibson, or some other questionable quality guitar: Its the real deal, albeit with no warranty. These guys are legit, and a good option if your planning on changing everything out anyway.


To answer the Corvette analogy, say you want a Corvette body on your track car build, but you don't really need the factory drivetrain from GM because you're going to build your own. Would you buy a new Corvette and hope to sell the drivetrain later, or buy just the body for half the price with the understanding that there is no warranty. Its a good decision for some of us, and I'm very pleased with my Stratosphere guitar!



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I only wish you didn't post this because you've got my GAS started up a bit. Only problem is I can't play one before I buy... The 2015 gibsons are supposed to have wider necks, which is exactly what I don't want, so I would really wanna try one out first.


Searcy, what model SG body did you start with? That finish is freaking beautifully sprayed by the way. Nice job gibson


I played the 2015's in the store and loved the neck so much that I decided I had to have one. Then I bought this 2015 SG Special from Stratosphere for like $350 on one of their sales. Then bought the hardware pack for like $150. The finish is the best I have seen on any Gibson ever.


You can read all about the build here




If it's the traditional neck shapes you want he still has a ton of 2013 and 2014 Les Pauls and SGs.


If you're good at soldering and setting up guitars then this is a great option for anyone looking for a recent Gibson, Fender or Gretsch. I have been rebuilding basket case guitars and basses for most of my life and don't see these projects as any more inappropriate than that. My SG guitar was flawless. For those of you who remember Donny, he's bought about 3 or 4 Les Pauls, an SG and I don't know how many Strats from Stratosphere. They have a return policy. I have never heard of anyone who was disappointed with a project from them and I have never heard of anyone buying up Stratosphere projects and passing them off as anything other than what they are.




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