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LP Special Double Cut


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I like the LP DC in general. I like the looks of this '98 model in particular.


AAA maple top

490R 498T pups

24 frets


Its in Glasgow. The opposite end of the uk from me. So a visit is out of the question.


Anybody like to venture an opinion? Anyone got one?



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I play mine quite often, and I paid a lot more for it new from the store (all scratched up). Not as nice looking as the one for sale. Its what they called a "root beer" brown with lots of dark figuring. Sounds okay...not a lot of high end. Better for country and blues than rock IMHO.




ooohhh... I like yours too Bill! Looks like the binding matches the pickup covers. It would have even less top end if I used it. I configure my tone to use the neck pickup on most everything these days.


As for price. Everything is dearer in the UK. We have 20% tax (VAT) on everything except babyfood, suet, fresh air & seaweed.


There is a great looking goldtop doublecut close to me. I've played it & see it often. It looks great but its fitted with P90s. Now, while I quite like P90s, I would really want something like Burstbuckers on it.



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Merciful....that gold top LPDC is gorgeous...even with P-90s. My pup rings are a light colored plastic, and the binding is a cream color. I do like the guitar a lot, but with 8 electrics in the stable, I switch them around a lot.


BTW your sense of humor is priceless. I read your "list" and I was in stitches. Well played sir...well played.

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